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extended from the original; (semantics) Capacity of a concept or general term to and conceptual senses, Frege holds that there are extensions of concepts. James Barr, The semantics of biblical language (Oxford, 1961). Barr var vid bokens. Barr var vid bokens publicering professor i Old Testament Lite- rature and  1848-1925 Frege Gottlob Uber Sinn und Bedeutung Language Arts & Disciplines / Linguistics / Semantics Philosophy / General Philosophy / Logic Philosophy  FREGE AND SEMANTICS Richard G. HECK, Jr. Brown University Summary In recent work on Frege, one of the most salient issues has been whether he was prepared to make serious use of semantical notions such as reference and truth. I argue here Frege did make very serious use of semantical concepts. I argue, fi rst, The best way into Fregean semantics is via Frege’s criterion of di erence for senses, which can be stated as follows: If it is possible to understand two sentences S and S while (after re Fregean semantics in modern logic It has become the custom to describe a general approach to modern semantics as Fregean.

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Frege on Dichtung and Elucidation Gisela Bengtsson. 8. Semantic and Pragmatic Aspects  While semantics studies the meaning conveyed by words, pragmatics studies the then called — was that of the pioneers, Frege, Russell, Carnap, Tarski, etc. This principle is also called Frege's principle, b. In mathematics, semantics, and philosophy of language, the principle of compositionality is the principle that  First, I will lay down a brief overview of Frege?s semantics and ontology based on his major works such as Begriffsschrift, ?On Sense and  Possible worlds semantics and the Liar: Reflections on a problem posed by Kaplan Neo-Fregean Logicism and the A Priori Nature of Arithmetic. Volume of  Groningen-Amsterdam Studies in Semantics ; 2 Semantics (Philosophy) The metaphysicians of meaning Russell and Frege on sense and denotation.

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FREGE AND SEMANTICS Richard G. HECK, Jr. Brown University Summary In recent work on Frege, one of the most salient issues has been whether he was prepared to make serious use of semantical notions such as reference and truth. Frege: On Sense and Nominatum Tarski: The Semantic Conception of Truth, and the Foundations of Semantics Stoljar: The Deflationary Theory of Truth: XX: Truth: The Liar XXI: Truth: Minimalism : Section Five: Rule Following: 15: Kripke: On Rules and Private Language Millikan: Truth Rules, Hoverflies, and the Kripke-Wittgenstein Paradox The Semantics of Value-Range Names and Frege’s Proof of Referentiality “A word without a determinate meaning has no meaning for mathematics” (Frege, ‘Über die Grundlagen der Geometrie’ II, 1906, Frege 1967, p. 290). Abstract.

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Frege semantics

The classic problem of reference that Frege uses is the morning star. Venus is the morning star, the evening star, and Venus. We know  This removes one motivation for indirect semantic theories—viz., that sentences of natural language must be disambiguated before applying Frege-Tarski tools. On the referential Fregean semantics driving the concept horse problem, the semantic clauses for predicates are principles like: (Fi) 'F' refers to the concept eats  (a) To solve Frege's puzzles: the claim that ordinary speakers do not carefully distinguish between the propositions semantically expressed by sentences and  semantic theories of Frege and Russell, in so far as they may be presumed to constitute the background for Wittgenstein's own investigations. SDS. 23.

Frege semantics

Thus Russell's theory of descriptions was conflated with Frege's theory of sense, and for most of the twentieth century this "Frege–Russell" view was the orthodox view of proper name semantics.
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Successful communication requires that the hearer correctly decode the speaker’s words into their associated ideas. So construed, the meaning of an expression, according to Locke concept is often attributed to Frege (1892/1980) and Strawson (1950) (who, though, doubted the viability of a precise logical account; Horn 1996: 304). Chierchia & McConnell-Ginet (1990) and Heim & Kratzer (1998: x4) provide accessible general introductions to semantic accounts of presupposition.

The modern semantics with its structure parallel t o syntax may fairly be said to find its inspiration in Frege to the extent that Frege too advocated a parallelism but of a less precise sort.' But to read Frege as intending a categorial semantics in the strict sense for the Grundgesetze is another matter. Request PDF | Frege and Semantics | In recent work on Frege, one of the most salient issues has been whether he was prepared to make serious use of semantical notions such as | Find, read and 2004-09-03 Frege sharply distinguished functions from objects. The interplay between the two domains led to serious complications to which many logicians of our century have addressed themselves. Perhaps the time has come to bridge this gap and to this end information semantics is a contribution.
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Borg, Emma.

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Bedeutung (Frege). extension  Till Lycan, Part I. 1. Frege, Gottlob. Farkas, Katalin. 2008.

Ruthrof reviews and analyses various 'orthodox' theories of meaning, from the views of Gottlob Frege at the beginning of the twentieth century to those of theorists in the postmodern period, then offers an alternative approach of his own.